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Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative Family Law

Marriage is a major event in one’s life. It is a lifetime choice and a commitment to one partner. As we continue on life’s road, changes occur that sometimes disrupt that relationship with your partner. The unraveling of that relationship and its many tentacles does not have to be a disruptive affair.

Collaborative divorce is a process of cooperation, honesty and respect in the timely dissolution of a marriage. Collaborative divorce strives to reach an agreement that both parties find acceptable toward ending a life long commitment. 


The marriage partners agree to use specially trained professionals in the dissolution of the marriage. The husband and wife each retain a trained collaborative divorce attorney to represent them in the process. The parties agree on a single financial professional to determine the marital estate and other financial issues. To assist in any emotional issues health professionals are available to meet any family members involved in the divorce.

 With the marriage partners working in a collaborative manner through their attorneys, the collaborative team can streamline the dissolution process and shorten the divorce cycle. This process saves time and money for the divorcing couple. If the divorcing couple reach an impasse the collaborative teams resigns and the divorcing couple must engage new counsel and begin the war of dissolving the marriage.

 Carl Fedde, the Director of Litigation & Forensic Services for Mallah Furmanhas been assisting couples seeking to end a marriage for over 15 years, the last three years in a collaborative process. As a specially trained collaborative professional I structure the financial settlement for the couples within the framework of Florida law and the couples’ desires. I determine the marital estate, prepare child support worksheets and alimony tables for an orderly dissolution of the marriage. I work with the couples in the division of the marital estate so that the parties receive a fair and equitable share of the marital estate. 

Collaborative divorce will only work with cooperating couples. If the divorcing couples are seeking a quick cost effective method to end a marriage, the collaborative process is the desired method. If one member of the marriage wants their pound of flesh, etc. the collaborative process will not work.

If you want to learn more about Collaborative Divorce, please contact Carl Fedde  at 786-866-3536 or