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U.S. & International Audits

Our approach to audit and assurance services is to go beyond the books and records of your organization to gain insight into your operations and financial objectives. We spend a significant amount of time in advance of audit fieldwork learning your procedures and practices, and developing a rapport with your financial team to ensure an efficient and complete audit. This enables us to make more meaningful recommendations about your business systems, internal controls, operating procedures and practices. From this up-front leg work comes better recommendations for profit improvements, alternative sources of capital, improved cash flow, and other strategies that contribute in a real way to your organization’s success.

Audit Approach

Our approach to audits begins with the development of a well-designed audit plan, which is determined in part through discussion with your financial team. The plan is deadline-oriented and designed to ensure that there are no surprises throughout the engagement. The engagement will include the significant involvement of audit partners and principals, and senior-level managers with many years of professional experience at both the national and local level. We utilize the latest audit-related technology throughout all facets of the audit process to help eliminate any inconsistencies or redundancies that may occur along the way.

Mallah Furman is extremely well equipped to handle the complex structure of international audits and can execute with a team of professionals with significant International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) experience. We are a member of JHI International (, which is a worldwide association of over 150 independent accounting firms that collectively form a global alliance and resource network. Through this membership, we are able to provide a network of reliable resources for those clients whose operations and interests extend beyond the South Florida region. As the audit engagement dictates, we are able to access, deploy and manage specialty resources wherever they may be required. This greatly enhances the value we can deliver to our clients and allows us to serve them with greater flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

PCAOB Registered

Mallah Furman is registered with the PCAOB and is a member of the AICPA’s Center for Audit Quality which opens our work to inspection and demonstrates our commitment to quality control in the preparation of informative and fair independent auditor reports. We received our latest inspection report from the PCAOB which contained no deficiencies or quality control issues, indicating complete and continued compliance with PCAOB standards.

To read the official PCAOB letter without comments, please click here. For more information on the PCAOB, visit